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Hello and Happy first of Advent! Eeeep, not long until Christmas now! I’m finally getting a bit of christmas spirit going, it’s been too warm and sunny here to really feel like winter but just in the last few days it’s gone cold and frosty. Lovely! I love going for a walk with the Cheeky Chicas on a cold but sunny day. As long as I’m wrapped up warm I can be outside for hours. Coming home after a long walk, getting the fire going, having some hot coffee and a cookie or five is simply divine. I love that part of winter!


Now it’s confession time: I’m way behind with my Christmas crafting, quite shocking really given what a planner I usually am. Maybe I need to go to a Christmas market or something to kick the festive spirit into overdrive?? These little goodie bags I made for today’s post is a step in the right direction but I need more! More! (As well as an inner Drama Queen, I also have an inner Christmas Crazed Child which is now banging on the door wanting to be let out)

I had planned on making an advent calendar for my little niece Emma using the Lawn Fawn Tiny Box die because I absolutely loved it from the moment I saw the awesome 3D Christmas Tree Advent Calendar by Nichol Spohr  made (You have to see it to believe it, it’s A-W-E-S-O-M-E!!) BUT it kind of helps if you actually buy the die you mean to use for a project, right?? *face palm* Yep, to this date, I still haven’t bought it so I had to come up with Plan B which lead me to Lawn Fawn Goodie Bag die

This one I have had for years but not used overly much so this needed to be remedied. I cut out several pieces in some lovely Lawn Fawn patterned paper (all which is sadly discountinued and might give you an idea of just how long I have been hoarding this paper) It’s crazy easy to make these goodie bags: Two pieces die cut, score along the lines for crisp edges, a bit of adhesive and bam! Done.

Then the fun bit starts: decorating the bags! I got a selection of Lawn Fawn dies and stamps out including Mini Wreath dieTiny Tags SayingsWinter Tiny TagsScripty Love word die, Scripty Friends word die as well as Stitched Alphabet die-namics from MFT Stamps to cut out the letters of Emma’s name. Cutting out a few pieces in different colour card stock and patterned paper it was time to cut, glue, stamp and layer. C59AEE01-3B58-4AF6-8A82-DB0E36DDD52B

I love the fact that you can create a myriad of different looking tags just by changing the colour of your card stock, patterned paper, shape of the tag itself, sentiment and ink colour. You would make dozens of tags and none would look the same.


While I was on a roll with these goodie bags, I also made a couple for some friends of mine. It was on these that I put the Scripty Friends die cuts on, but I cut off the ‘s’ on the end because it didn’t really fit nor did it look right as each one is going to one friend. These die cuts are cut out of silver metallic hammered looking card stock. I’m not sure where it’s from to be honest, it’s something else I found in my paper hoard.


These two are an example of having used the same stuff but the finished product look very different. I wanted each one to look individual rather than all the same as each of the ladies who are receiving these are amazing in their own rights.


This close up was taken before I had added the ‘friend’ die cut but it shows the tag a bit better. This one is two of the bauble dies layered, well sort of anyway. The white circle was cut out the middle of the bauble to make the sentiment stand out a bit better. All the tags are tied to the bags with twine.


The goodie bag for Emma was done in the same patterned paper as the above one and I cut out the letters with the opposite side of the paper to keep the colour scheme  the same.


For the tag on Emma’s goodie bag I used the mitten tag and stamped ‘With love to:’ as it needs to be a bit special. She is my favorite niece after all (disclosure: she is also my only niece, lol!)

Aaaaaaand because I can’t stop myself once I’m on a roll, I also made a cute lovey-dovey bag for my sweet darling of a husband using the absolutely adorable Brisk patterned paper from Lawn Fawn. It is also sadly discontinued, which now means I will need to hoard that particular paper with extra vigilance, as once it’s gone, it’s gone! Waaaaah!


See what I mean about making them all look different? Isn’t that fun?? On the back I added wreaths done with the Mini Wreath die. Each wreath is done slightly different to set them apart a little bit.


And with that, I’m off to stuff these with some yummy things and send off to the recipients. Goodness knows if they will actually arrive in time for Christmas but if not, a little surprise will turn up in the mail after the holidays are over to help with the post-Christmas-blues.

Happy crafting and I’d be amiss not to mention it’s the 5-week-iversary of the blog today! Yay! Yummies for me too to celebrate I think 😉

Lots of love from Erica

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