Picket Fence Studios November release + VIDEO!

Hi everyone!

It’s the 14th of the month, which means another yummy release from Picket Fence Studios! If you want to hop straight to the VIDEO, click on the link HERE!

As usual we have a range of fun products to chose from: Stamps, diecuts, stencils and sequin mixes. The latest addition to the sequin mixes are the sequin mix plus, which has clay elements in them too, for a fun twist. One of them is called On A Wing and it has some lovely blue feather clay bits in it.

I recently managed to snag some of the Shaker Pockets from Tonic Studio, designed by my clever friend Ilda Diaz (check out her Instagram for some FAB inspiration, and her edge to edge shaker cards!) I thought I’d try them out with a mix of Crafty Friends and I (heart) Mail, another couple of new sequin mixes plus. The Crafty Friends mix has little silver scissors in it!

If you try the edge to edge shaker card, here is a tip I learnt along the way. I wrapped my Shaker Pocket a bit too tight so the whole thing buckled, so do not wrap it like you have to have an airtight seal. A sequin tight seal is enough! As it is now, it’s impossible to add it to a card base as it’s puffy like a pillow, but at least I learnt something, right?

The sentiment is A Friendly Paper Hello, which I heat embossed in Opaque Bright White embossing powder from WOW! Embossing. I haven’t managed to get ahold of thin vellum for a while, so now that I had a fresh batch of them, I made a second sentiment strip for another card. Might as well while I had my supplies out. I also have the new anti-static tool, the Cottontail Embossing Powder Tool, from The Rabbit Hole Design, and it’s so easy to use! I really like it, plus it’s so easy and convenient to use.

The second A Friendly Hello sentiment strip I wrapped around a sparklylicious background made with Paper Glitz, in a rainbow order (naturally) This thin vellum if from Lawn Fawn and it lets the background shine through it still, so it’s ideal for those cards you don’t want to cover up too much.

I did add some double sided tape to bits on the back of the sentiment strip to keep it flat, but I obviously didn’t use enough so it keeps popping up. I need to find a better vellum adhesive, as my normal Nuvo Deluxe Adhesive or Lawn Fawn glue tube make the vellum buckle from the moisture in it.

The colours are, from left to right: True Christmas Red, Autumn Persimmon, Fall Gold, Traditional Christmas Green and Snow Drifts. They are truly stunning, and best of all, you don’t need much as it’s super opaque and sparkly!

This month´ s horoscope girl is Aquarius Girl and I’ve gone for a slightly different colour scheme while colouring her in. I have her silvery skin and blue-grey hair, and I LOVE the results!

After watching far too many makeup tutorials, for someone who doesn’t like putting make-up on her face, I have really taken to adding contours on faces I colour to bring them to life. I still need lots of practice to get consistent results, but these horoscope girls are perfect to practice on.

There is a stunning new gem mix too, by the way! It’s called Celebration and the gems actually shimmer with colour, depending on the light. So cool! As I felt Aquarius Girl was a water gal, I placed lots of gems around her hair like she’s just breaking the surface of the ocean. She also got some sparkly earrings, because bling-a-ling, amiright?

Aquarius Girl also comes with a coordinating diecut, and I actually cut her out of the first card, and then another two pieces to pop her up with. That’s such an easy way to add a bit of interest and dimension to your designs without making any crazy changes.

Now, a serious question for you: What do you do when you are not sure what will look best design wise? My solution was to take pictures of all options and then decide. While I am not big on clean and simple designs, they just feel a bit naked to me (hence all the gems on the first one!!) I LOVE depth, dimension and colour. And bling, of course. Duh #teamaddthebling

So option 2 was to heat emboss a sentiment on an ink blended background, with Platinum embossing powder, to stay cohesive with the colour scheme of the Aquarius Girl.

This background is done with Wilted Violet, Prized Ribbon, Salty Ocean and a touch of Salvaged Patina to add a light aura around her. The splatters on this one is a mix of Brown Dahlia and Golden Rose Paper Glaze. This might be my current fave, but I’m wondering if I should have used a more silvery/platinum mix instead. There is a risk that it would be all too samey-samey, but the only way to really know is to make another background exactly the same and add the silver splatters instead.

‘I hope you feel beautiful today’ is from the lovely Watercolor Roses stamp set, from last month’s release, and I used Platinum embossing powder for it. On this background I also used the Cottontail Embossing Powder Tool, and it worked a treat!

Next up we have option no3. I wanted to use this blue/silvery ocean background for her, and also the Aquarius word from the diecut. I have been loving creating backgrounds with Distress Oxide sprays and this one is done with Chipped Sapphire, Salvaged Patina and Salty Ocean. The silvery shimmer was added both while the sprays were wet, as well as after for a super sparkly finish.

The silvery splatters are made by mixing Artemisa Silver and Snowdrop White Paper Glaze with water to make a shimmery water colour. When you make shimmer like this, only use a tiny bit as the shimmer you get from Paper Glaze is off the charts, plus it dries hard and you can’t re-use it later, so start small and make more if you need to.

The Happy Birthday word topper die is probably my fave, or joint top with the Coffee Is The Answer one, and I cut it out of white card stock and the Aquarius out of black card stock. I didn’t notice until I had already glued down the Aquarius that the word topper was just a millimetre too short, but I might trim the card off before I send this to someone.

My fave, which probably isn’t a surprise, is option No3. That gorgeous blue background, mixed with the propped up Aquarius Girl and the Word Topper die, yeah, that got my vote and the glue.

Over on my YouTube channel you can see the entire release, as well as some of the other cards I made with this release. As always I have used some compensated affiliate links in this post, at no extra cost to you. Thank you so much if you chose to support me by shopping with these links, I really appreciate it, and all the earnings go straight back into the running of my blog, my YouTube channel and Instagram.

Thanks for stopping by today, lots of love and happy crafting from Erica

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