Picket Fence Studios June Release!


It’s the 14th of the month, and we have a fabulous release from Picket Fence Studios! Let’s dive right in! I use ‘dive’ because it’s filled with mermaids and water based creatures!

First off we have A Fishy Lot, and it has coordinating dies too. Thank goodness! Most of these sets I have coloured with Copics.

I have made a video of some of the colouring and the techniques I used for the whale, it’s coming to the Picket Fence Studios YouTube channel soon. Make sure you subscribe to that so you don’t miss it.

Next up we have More Of A Fishy Lot. These mermaids were so fun to colour! I’ve tried making each one a little bit different, almost like a personality, but still keeping them cohesive. I’m super happy there is a coordinating dieset for this one too!

This next mermaid, Mermaid Dear, is from the ‘Dear’ range and this one is so sweet! I coloured her with Zig Clean Colour markers and added Liquid Pixie Dust to the mermaid tail to make it sparkly. Sadly it doesn’t show up in the photo.

Mermaid Dear also has a coordinating diecut. Imagine the fiddle to fussy cut the puffer-fish-balloons…! No, thank you!

I actually finished a card with her! On the background I have used the new Slim Line Triangle Peaks Stencil with some blue Distress Oxide inks and my Life Changing Blender Brushes. The rocks she’s sitting on are the Pond Scenery set. There is a huge lily pad leaf in it too.

This set also has a coordinating die, and I can totally see that lily pad being the party pad (see what I did there?) for the frogs in the Drop By To Say Croak set!

This is another one of those sets I’m super happy to have coordinating dies for. I’m pretty sure more than one frog would lose his legs if I attempted fussy cutting these guys!

If you aren’t into sea creatures, do not worry! There are plenty of land creatures in this release too. Just look at these guys from the Forest Critters Stopping By To Say Hey! There are even wild boars in it! I attempted to colour them as closely as I could to the ones I used to see all the time, whilst living in Poland.

There are lots of little pairs in this set, and a couple of trios, like mama, papa and a baby. Luckily there are coordinating diecuts for these too.

With the help of the A2 Tree Silhouette Cover Plate and like a bazillion sequins from the Pot Of Gold Sequin Mix, I made a card with quite a few of the little cuties from this set.

Using the same A2 Tree Silhouette Cover Plate, and the bear from the Forest Critters Stopping By To Say Hey set, as well as the Hello Word Topper, I made another card.

The background has been ink blended very softly with blue, and then I have stencilled over some Snowdrop White Paper Glaze with a blender brush for a soft look. As soon as I finished with the Paper Glaze, that brush was washed to avoid ruining it.

I will have a video up on my YouTube channel soon too, showing off the entire release and some of the cards up close.

That’s it from me for today, thanks for stopping by and I hope I have tempted you to get a little something-something for yourself. I have used compensated affiliate links in this blog post, for your convenience. These links do not cost you anything extra at all, and I get a small commission from the company directly as a thank you for directing you to them. Any earnings I get from these links pay for things like running my blog, YouTube channel and keeping things fun and fresh for you, so thank you if you shop using these. I really, really appreciate the support!

Lots of love and happy crafting from Erica

Picket Fence Studios June Release!

Hello, hello!

It’s the 14th, which means a new release is available from Picket Fence Studios! You can find the entire release HERE if you can’t wait to see what awesomeness is now for sale in the shop.

I have two cards to show you today, both made with the After The Storm stamp set. Both are coloured with Copic markers, but in true Erica style, both are different. I started out by stamping up the images I wanted to use with Hybrid Black Ink, and then I set it a little by using my WOW! Heat tool on it.

I wanted to make the clouds dark, ominous and look like they were ready to unleash some thunder on my first card. This look was achieved by mixing Cool Greys and some blues, as can be seen on my little tester piece above. I also have a video for this over on my YouTube channel if you want to see it more in-depth.

Once the clouds were done, I used some rainbow colours to colour in the… erm… rainbow. Like, duh. Of course I used rainbow colours! What else?? The markers I used can be seen in the photo above.

To match the rainbow on the image, I wanted to add colour to the word ‘rainbow’ in the sentiment too. With the help of my Mini MISTI, some PostIt Tape and the Atelier Inks from Ink On 3 this was a breeze!

From left to right: Marilyn Red, Marigold Orange, Bee Sting Yellow, Goddess Green, Peacock Blue and My Jam Purple. In other words, the exact colour order as the rainbow itself. Pretty neat little details, right?

To add more drama to the card, I cut out a mask and placed over the image, then I ink blended some leftover Chipped Sapphire ink onto the background. The ink that was left on my brush from another project, was just enough to add some depth. I didn’t need to get the ink pad out again. Cool, huh?

Because I’m addicted to shimmery things, I had to add some gold splatters to the card too. This I did by mixing up some Golden Rose Paper Glaze with water and splattering over the background. I removed the mask first though, as I wanted the gold all over.

This works so well! Paper Glaze really is such a versatile product! The last thing I needed to do was add the sentiment strip and the card was done.

Time to move on to card no2!

For this card I used Cool Greys again, but started with C5. On card no1 I used C7 as the darkest colour. I also created lots of texture on the clouds on this one by dabbing C00 LOTS all over the finished coloured clouds.

This rainbow got more depth and detail added to it, but using two shades of each colour. I also used the same ones, and a few extra, for the umbrella. The wellies in the image I did in a dark teal as I have a pair in that colour.

The bench was coloured in with browns, and I added a little bit of a shadow under it too. Because the sentiment was already stamped up, once the colouring was done, the card was done.

Easy peasy! I’m getting better at leaving white space and not feeling the need to fill in every single little gap with colour. Which one is your favourite? I must admin that I do love the gold sparkle on the first one and the dramatic clouds, but I like the colours used on the second one too.

Well, that’s it from me for today, but I will be back tomorrow with more cards and inspiration! If you can’t wait to shop the new release, I’d be so grateful if you would consider using the compensated affiliate links provided in this blog post. They do not cost you anything extra at all, if you do use them, the company it’s affiliated with, Picket Fence Studios for the most part in this blog post, pays me a commission directly. Anything I make from these, go directly into the running of my blog, YouTube channel and Instagram fresh and fun for you.

Thanks again for stopping by! Lots of love and happy crafting from Erica

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Picket Fence Studios April Release! Rainbow Friendship Wreath cards.

Hi guys!

Today is the 14th, which means the April release from Picket Fence Studios is live! Yay! I’ve got a video up on my YouTube channel showing off the stamps and stencils, as well as some of the dies.

For the cards I am going to show you today, I have used the BFF My Tribe stamp. One on Copic Friendly paper and one on Bristol Vellum paper. Both are stamped up with the Black Hybrid ink, and the Bristol one was stamped again with the Embossing Pad from WOW! And heat embossed with clear embossing powder. In between stamping, I cleaned off the black ink with the Stamp Scrubber. Of course I used the Mini MISTI for the stamping.

I used Zig Clean Color markers on the Bristol Vellum panel. I did the sleeves in a rainbow colour, without adding any water to keep the colours vibrant.

On the second panel I used Copics and tried keeping the colours and shading as close to the Zig Coloring as possible. The hands are done in different shades of skin colours. All the nails got my usual signature nail polish colour of hot pink. The current state of my nails is atrocious though. Thanks Covid-19.

Once all the colouring was done, I trimmed down the panels a little so they’d measure 5.25”x4”. Both of these got the sentiment ‘Oh please, we knew you could do it’ from the I Freaking Love You stamp set. I used the Mini MISTI to make sure they stamped properly. The ink is again the Black Hybrid ink.

To finish off the cards I adhered the panels to white card bases. I considered adding some sequins as I’m back on my sequins craze, however I managed to restrain myself. They are lovely enough as they are and sometimes less is more. This BFF My Tribe stamp has been added to my ‘Love it’ list!

With that, I’m done for today. I have used compensated affiliate links in this post, as usual. They do not cost you anything at all, but if you use them I will get a small commission from the company directly at no extra cost to you whatsoever. When you use these, it helps strengthen my collaboration with the companies and that’s the most important part to me, so thank you in advance for the support and encouragement. I really appreciate it!

Lots of love and happy crafting from Erica

Happy Mail Has Arrived, Y’all!

Hi and welcome back to another day of revelling in the January release from Picket Fence Studios!

Today’s cards are made with the same products, only different colours and the final layout is slightly different. If you are familiar with my work, you know this is something I like doing. I’ve also made a video for my YouTube channel if you’d rather watch that, over reading a blog post.

To start with, I stamped up the Lots Of Mail stamp over a 4.25″x5.5″ panel of Neenah. I used the MISTI to begin with but for some reason, that was more troublesome than it was worth and I couldn’t even get the whole panel covered. The puzzling part of my brain was not connected and I had to use an acrylic stamping block to finish stamping, which was a bit nerve wracking! It worked out pretty good though so the second panel I did using the acrylic block.

As I wanted to do Copic colouring I used the Hybrid Black ink and then used my heat tool on the panels to set it properly.

One is done in blue/turquoise and one is done in red/pinks. Both are done in ombré. Or well, the blue one started out as ombré but then it’s an ombré up-side-down to finish it off as I ran out of blues, lol!

For a big splashy sentiment, I grabbed the Y’All word die, it has such a fab font! The Y’all word diecut shadow part has been cut out of black card stock, and then the actual words three times out of white card stock. These have all been layered up using the glue tube from Lawn Fawn.

Of course I needed a fun snappy sentiment to finish off the cards, and I heat embossed ‘happy mail has arrived’ in Opaque Bright White embossing powder on black card stock. This is from Peach And Piper Checking The Post.

These I trimmed down to slim strips and added to the card bases, then the Y’all were added on top, again using the glue tube.

With that the cards were done! I hope you have enjoyed this post and the cards. If you get a chance, hop on over to my YouTube and check out the video too. This design is one of the Make And Takes at Creativation so if you can’t be there in person, you can at least sort of get the experience by making this card.

I have used compensated affiliate links in this post, for your convenience. If you shop using these links, I will get a small commission from the company directly at no extra cost to you whatsoever. If you use these links, thank you so much, I really appreciate the support! Any money I make from these links, I put straight back into the running of my blog and YouTube channel. Even if you don’t use mine, please do make sure you use your favourite crafter’s links when you can.

Lots of love and happy crafting y’all, from Erica

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Picket Fence Studios January 2020 Release!!

Happy New Year and Happy Release Day from Picket Fence Studios! I’m currently in Phoenix, AZ, at Creativation and this month’s release is a little bit later than usual for this reason. The release is being introduced at Creativation so if you are here, come by the Picket Fence booth and say hi. I will also be doing the Make And Take in the Stamping Village, if you miss me in the Picket Fence or Ink On 3 booths.

This first release of 2020 is ginormous, as in GINORMOUS!! Over on my YouTube channel I will be showing off all the stuff and then make a couple of cards. As you do.

The cards I made for today’s post are made with the Barberton Daisy and A Bride’s Bouquet. Both are water coloured, but with different mediums, and came out total opposite.

The A Bride’s Bouquet card is heat embossed in Metallic Gold Rich from WOW! Embossing. First the Canson XL water colour card was treated with an anti-static tool (I like the bag kind) and then I stamped the image with the WOW! Embossing Pad with the help of my MISTI.

Once that was set with the heat gun, it was then coloured in using InkOn3 Atelier Ink re-inkers and one ink pad. I don’t have the Twiggy Brown re-inker yet so I used the ink pad to get the brown needed for the string around the bouquet and for the cotton buds to get some shape. The main colours are Bee Sting Yellow, Goddess Green and Peacock Blue. The green and blue I added together to get more depth and detail to the greenery.

I tried going for a soft, elegant look but, in true Erica-style, managed to mess it up at the last minute by adding too much Marilyn Red and Marigold Orange to some of the flowers. I tried dabbing it off but it’s still a bit too colourful for what I had in mind. Oh well, I will just have to try again!

To soften the look and add a spring-time feel, I have also added a soft green shadow around the bouquet. The final bit of ‘colouring’ was to add a touch of Liquid Pixie Dust on the cotton buds. It’s a wedding bouquet after all, the name A Bride’s Bouquet makes any guessing work totally redundant, lol.

The second card, with the Barberton Daisy stamp, is wild and colourful! The idea was to make something that definitely doesn’t exist in nature and I’d say I’ve achieved it, lol!

I stamped up the Barberton Daisy with Black Hybrid Ink on Canson XL water colour paper. I used the MISTI to make sure I got a good solid imprint and then coloured in the image using Daniel Smith water colours.

When the Daisy was colourful enough, I decided to splatter it with dark grey paint. Just to really drive home the abstract look I was after for this one. It’s one of those creations I’m not sure about if I’m totally honest. The finished result is actually wilder than I pictured it! Crazy, right?

To finish off the card I picked a sentiment from Seriously, Literally, Always.

I heat embossed the sentiment ‘You are an absolutely positively amazing human being’ in Opaque Bright White embossing powder from WOW! Embossing on black Licorice card stock from Lawn Fawn. I trimmed the strip down and glued it down flat with the glue tube, also from Lawn Fawn. I love that stuff!

Well, that’s it from me for today but I will be back tomorrow with more cards from this release!

If you want to check out the full release and perhaps pick up a thing or seven for yourself, THIS LINK will take you directly to Picket Fence Studios. I have used compensated affable links in this post, which means I get a small commission from the company associated with that affiliate link, if you shop using these. Affiliate links never add any cost to you, ever, but the revenue they bring me helps run my blog and YouTube channel. You also help me strengthen my collaboration with the companies the affiliate links are associated with, and that’s really great for me. Thank you so much in advance if you use mine when shopping!

I also have a video up on my YouTube channel, in case you missed that. CLICK HERE to go there.

Thanks for stopping by, lots of love and happy crafting from Erica

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Let’s Decorate with Picket Fence Studios and zero calories!

Hello fellow cake lovers!

Today’s post is all about cake, cake, cake!! Not the edible kind, sadly as I never say no to a piece of cake myself.

Both these cards are made with the Let’s Decorate stamp and coordinating diecut set. There is also a little bit of help from the Cheat Day stamp set, because it has some fun cake-related sentiments.


I stamped up the biggest cake with Ink On 3 Fadeout Ink, and while I was at it, I stamped up two. Who only have one cake when you can have two?? I may or may not have been known to have several different kinds of cake at my own and birthday parties I have hosted for others.


The images are all coloured in with Zig Clean Color markers on Bristol Vellum paper. The roses I did with bright and vivid colours to look like Kaleidoscope Roses, or more commonly known as Rainbow Roses. Google it if you haven’t seen one in real life! When I cut these out using the coordinating diecuts, I covered the images with a strip of kitchen roll to avoid the colours touching the cutting plate and then smudging.




For my lemony cake, I used the 3 1/2″ Blending Stencil to create a zingy, citrusy background. I simply swept my Zig markers across the paper in the open circle. The cake was then adhered flat on top of this. The sentiment is stamped up with Wild Honey Distress Oxide ink. It’s from Cheat Day. The final touch was some Enamel Drops in Green and Yellow.



The Rainbow Roses card I finished by stamping up all the sentiments from Cheat Day and Let’s Decorate set in light grey ink. I did this with the help of the Mini MISTI and did it directly on the card base.


The final flourish for this card was a generous sprinkling (ah, cake pun!) of Rainbow Crystal  from Studio Katia.

If you don’t need any more reasons to shop the new release, I’d be so grateful if you would consider using my affiliate link to Picket Fence Studios. It doesn’t cost you anything extra at all, but the commission they will give me for sending you their way, means the world to me. And every little helps, even if you just buy one stamp or stencil. Thank you in advance for supporting my crafting journey like this, I can not express enough how much it means to me.

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Picket Fence Studios Nov release and Charlotte The Chameleon card

Hi everyone!

Today is the 14th, which means a new release from Picket Fence Studios! So many new goodies this month, including Charlotte The Chameleon, that I’m going to use for today’s card.

I have a video up on YouTube showing the full release, as well as the card making shenanigans. Click HERE to go to the video directly.

With the help of my Mini MISTI I stamped up Charlotte The Chameleon with Black Hybrid Ink on Neenah paper. I coloured her in with Copic markers, in a rainbow of colours. For full list of markers check out the video.

Once the colouring of Charlotte was done, I used the coordinating diecut to cut her out. I’m such a big fan of coordinating dies, as I detest fussy-cutting.

On a card base, made out of Neenah #110 card stock, I stamped up a paint brush for Charlotte to hold on to. This is from the set called I Work For Watercolor, which is a total must-have!

With brown and a couple of Neutral Greys Copics I coloured in the paintbrush. I almost left it like this and went straight for the sentiments. I already had them picked out too. Be Creative from I Work For Watercolor and Feel Free To Color Outside The Lines from Charlotte The Chameleon. BUT I decided to add another splash of colour in a willy-nilly kind of way, running from the tip of the paintbrush to the bottom of the card.

I popped the card back into the Mini MISTI and stamped up the sentiments with Black Hybrid ink, then glued down Charlotte with Lawn Fawn glue tube adhesive and with that, it was all done!

All the products I’ve used for this card are linked with compensated affiliate links. All the stamps and diecuts can be found in the Picket Fence Studios shop and the rest you can find at Scrapbook. If you use these links to shop, I will get a small commission directly from the company, at absolutely zero extra cost to you. Thank you in advance if you use these when picking up a thing or five for yourself. It helps support my blog and YouTube channel, keeping the content coming for you.

That’s it from me for today but thanks again for stopping by!

Lots of love and happy crafting from Erica

Fall/Winter 2019 Coffee Lovers Blog Hop

Hi all my coffee loving friends!

Today I am hopping along with WOW! Embossing Powder and their DT for the Fall/Winter Coffee Lovers Blog Hop on the Coffee Lovers Blog.

I’m an avid coffee drinker and love making coffee themed cards so this was a no-brainer for me. If you want to check out the full hop and prizes, make sure to start at WOW! Embossing blog.

For my card, I started by heat embossing a stamp set from Picket Fence Studios, aptly called Love of Coffee on Kraft card stock with Metallic Copper embossing powder. This copper is absolutely stunning and it captured all the small lines and images perfectly. Before stamping anything though, I used my anti-static tool all over the Kraft card stock.

I used my MISTI to make sure the image stamped really well with VersaMark ink, before sprinkling the embossing powder all over it.

Next I stamped up one of the cups from Coffee Understands, another Picket Fence Studios coffee themed stamp, with Fadeout ink from Inkon3 on Copic friendly paper.

The reason I used the Fadeout ink is because I planned on using white embossing powder over the image once it was coloured in. With black ink there is a risk of that showing through the white.

I coloured in the cup with Copics, and before the heat embossing was added, it really looked kind of terrible. Except for the ombré dots pattern I created on the cup itself.

After the white embossing powder was added, it looks totally fab and frothy! Very carefully, I added some more Copic colouring to the coffee foam to make it pop a bit more.

On a piece of teal card stock I stamped the sentiment ‘Coffee doesn’t ask questions, coffee just understands‘ with VersaMark and heat embossed that in Clear embossing powder for a tone on tone look.

I also heat embossed a steam image in white in the left corner of this piece. The steam is from a Trinity Stamps set called Coffee With Character . I added a little bit of texture to the steam with a white coloured pencil.

I kept the colour scheme Kraft, teal and white so the card base is the same teal as the sentiment piece is. The heat embossed Love Of Coffee panel was trimmed down a little so that the teal would frame it. The last thing to do was to add the coffee cup and the card was done!

Thank you so much for stopping by today, I hope you enjoyed this card and feel inspired to get caffeinated. Or go crafting. Or both!

Now that all the card making is done and dusted, let’s get to the hop stuff and how to win some fab prizes!

How it works – It is for sponsors only where each sponsor has their own prizes to be won at each sponsors stop. Make sure to comment as you go for a chance to WIN one of the many prizes up for grabs!

WOW Prize – Please be sure to leave your comments on each DT blog you visit to be eligible to win 1 x $25, Gift Card. It will run for one week with the winner announced on Friday, October 11th. The Coffee lovers will also announce their winners on October 11 also.

I’ve linked as many of the products as possible that I have used for my project. Most of the links are affiliate links, which means I get a small commission, at no extra cost to you, if you shop using these. The rest of the links are just for your convenience.

Thanks for stopping by today, I hope you like my card and found some inspiration here.

Lots of love and happy crafting and coffee drinking from Erica

Inkon3 Pumpkin Patch Card!

Hi there!

It’s all going on today, Ardyth’s 3K YouTube hop, which you can check out HERE, as well as the September release from Inkon3!

I made a card using the new stamp Pumpkin Patch and the coordinating diecut (I love me a coordinating diecut!) and also tried the Gold Rush embossing powder for the first time! With the help of my Mini MISTI and the Juicy Ink, I stamped up the image and then sprinkled a very generous helping of the Gold Rush embossing powder.

The image is coloured with Arteza Real Brush Pens, which are water based so they blend well and you can use them to water colour too.

Once my colouring was done, I did some ink blending on a piece of Strathmore Bristol Vellum paper. The stencil is from Catherine Pooler, it’s called Swoop and it’s really fun. I used four different green inks, also from Catherine Pooler, and blended these with my Life Changing Blender Brushes. The inks I have used Melon Ice, Garden Party, Lime Rickey and Grass skirt.

With a few finishing touches, like a textured gold frame die and a sentiment banner, I put the card together and that was it!

If you want to watch the card making process, hop on over to my YouTube channel HERE.

That’s it from me for today, two posts in one day is probably enough, right?

All products used are linked with affiliate links throughout this posts. Affiliate links to not cost you any extra, but I will get a small commission from the company directly as a thank you for promoting their products. I only use products that inspire me though, I can not create with stuff that doesn’t spark that mojo.

Lots of love and happy crafting from Erica

Picket Fence Studios | SSS Stampteber Collaboration Card | 12 Weekends Of Christmas

Hi guys!
Today’s card is a quick one featuring the exclusive Picket Fence Studios Stamptember stamp set, Shake Your Flake, from Simon Says Stamps!


Unfortunately, due to the postal force not being with me or on my side, I didn’t get my stamp set in time to participate in the festivities on the day it was launched. So I’m making up for it now instead! I will also put this card in with my 12 Weekends Of Christmas Series as I’m scrambling to make up enough Christmas cards in time for the holidays! Even though technically it’s not the weekend.. unless we pretend it’s a really long weekend this week? Yep, I’m gonna go for it.

I stamped up the cute snowman with the kitty, as well as the dog, on Copic friendly paper and coloured them in. Once all done, I fussy cut them out and set aside while I worked on the background.

Armed with my Life Changing Blender Brushes and Distress Oxide inks in an array of colours, I blended a northern lights inspired night sky. On top of this I also splattered lots of gold for stars and then white paint for snow flakes.

As the scene was featuring snow falling, I thought it would look cute for the snowman and the dog to sit on top of a snowy hill. I cut one out of vellum and another one out of hammered white card stock. This was done with the Lawn Fawn Stitched Hillside Border die.

I layered these up and trimmed them down before adhering them to the background, which I had adhered to a card base. Then I glued down the snowman and the doggie too. As a last flourish I thought I’d add some snow around the bottom of them, but I had a little bit of a mishap with my 3D snow. It flowed out far too quickly and soaked my snowman!

After drying, it looks a bit better but if you look really close, you can see the 3D snow has ‘crawled’ up the snowman a little. Oh well, I will have to remember that for next time I use that stuff. Or go straight to Puff Powder from WOW! Embossing instead.

The sentient I chose from the stamp set is ‘you are my favourite reason for the winter season’. I heat embossed this on a piece of vellum, with Antique Gold embossing powder from Altenew. This is trimmed down and wrapped around the card at the top. With that the card was done!

I’ve used some compensated affiliate links in this post, mostly to Picket Fence Studios, at no extra cost to you. Any links that are not affiliate links are there for your convenience. Happy shopping!

Thank you for much for stopping by today. Lots of love and happy crafting from Erica

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